Marketing Advertising / Assistant Manager Lowell 93801724

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Marketing Advertising / Assistant Manager Lowell 93801724
Compensation: $17.50 - $22.00 Per Hour
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Perhaps you are ready to break away from the norm and would you like to escape from the type of workplace that consists of nothing but high pressure, lack of communication, and a stale overall atmosphere. This might be just the position for you. We are a company that specializes in strategic product and service launches. We strongly believe that there should be some fun mixed in with all of the hard work. If you ask any one on our marketing team if they love their job, you will almost definitely receive a unanimous yes. We help each and every one of our employees to fulfill their maximum potential in an environment that combines a solid work ethic with exceptional team work.
Understanding and assessing potential clients Telecommunications needs and providing suitable solutions
Attending team briefings and workshops
Exceed customer sales and satisfaction targets
Gather market intelligence
Excellent English written and oral communication skills
Good understanding of basic financial equations and investment markets
Ability to organize, and initiate, analyze and manage multiple activities
Strong computer skills particularly in Microsoft Office
Attention to detail a must!
Only reliable and conscientious individuals need apply.
HOW TO APPLY: Please APPLY DIRECTLY by clicking on the 'APPLY' Button.

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